Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group

Our mission is to provide the best possible music recording and production experience for your particular musical
needs. Whether you are a solo artist or full band, we desire to help you meet your music recording goals.

Service we provide

Excellent Services ~ Reasonable Prices

Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group Productions Studio's features a computer-based project studio, equipped with:

  1. Cakewalk Sonar Producer digital audio workstation
  2. High quality audio interface and pre-amplifiers
  3. A variety of high quality microphones
  4. Accurate studio reference monitors and headphones
  5. Keyboards, software synths and virtual instruments
  6. High quality samples for a variety of programming needs
  7. Various plug-ins for effects and production uses
  8. Padded control room and recording rooms
  9. Comfortable atmosphere.

24 Tracks Digital Recording
24 Tracks Analog Recording
Akia MPC Production Center

                                                                                            Production Studio